Pinova ®

ORIGIN: Parent plants - Golden Delicious՚ x ՚Clivia, Germany, Institut für Obstforschung Dresden-Pillnitz.

red-aplle FRUIT

Colour: striped crimson blush on yellow background.
Flavour: sweet with the aroma of orange and banana and light honey notes.
Shape/size: rounded-conical, pointed downwards / medium-sized.
Skin: smooth surface with light lentils.
Fruit flesh: yellowish, crunchy.

red-list TREE

Vigour: vigorous.
Blossom: medium-late.
Pollination: Idared, Braeburn, Arlet, Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, Malus INRA® Perpetu® Evereste, Malus Golden Gem.


• High yield
• Fast fruiting
• Less-prone to biennial bearing
• Thinning is effective
• Moderate tolerance to a number of diseases