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The geography of grafts is very wide: we concluded license agreements with the breeders from Italy, France, the Netherlands and Germany. SANOTREE LLC gets the grafts exclusively from certified nurseries, regularly checked for viruses and diseases, the absence of which is confirmed by the relevant certificates. High quality grafts and 100% compliance with the declared variety are guaranteed.

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Our high-quality rootstock supplier is Lodder Unterlagen GmbH, which has over 50 years of experience in plants production. Their rootstocks meet European quality standards, regularly checked for viruses and diseases, the absence of which is confirmed by certificates.
Dwarf rootstock M9T337 is in high demand. Among its features are rapid fruiting, high yields, bigger plants density, no biennial bearing, large fruit, attractive color, simple harvesting.
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SANOTREE LLC regularly controls soil for viruses, diseases and pests. The soil is also analyzed for nutrients and the feeding system for the nursery prepared by the experts from Lodder Unterlagen GmbH is based on the results.
The entire technological process in the nursery is carried out using specialized machinery and equipment. At each stage plant material is stored in refrigerators under proper temperature and humidity.

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SANOTREE LLC is a certified nursery that has all the necessary documents,certificates, permits confirming:
· certified rootstocks and grafts grown according to the European norms
· conformity of trees to the declared variety
· proper sanitary condition of the production
· compliance of the territory of the nursery with all requirements
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