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Ukraine, due to its natural and climatic conditions, is one of the best places to grow fruit. That is why in 2016 SANOTREE LLC (SanoTree™) was founded here. "Sano Tree" from Latin means "Healthy tree", and this is the mission of our company.
Our aim is to provide fruit growers with apple trees of modern high-yielding varieties that meet world standards and requirements of intensive cultivation technologies.
The partner of SANOTREE LLC is the German company Lodder Unterlagen GmbH, in cooperation with which our specialists, using world experience, ensure the European quality of apple trees, grown in Ukraine.



SANOTREE LLC is the apple nursery. In order to decide on the range of varieties we together with European experts study market trends, as over time some varieties lose popularity, while others conquer the world and become bestsellers.
Our goal is to offer apple varieties that meet modern requirements and are in high demand: tasty, juicy, flavoured, transportable.
Such trees will help Ukrainian growers get consistently high yields and more opportunities to sell their apples both on the local market and for export.
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• LICENSED: All grafts and rootstocks are officially purchased from the world's leading breeders under the license agreements
• PROSPECTIVE: We grow apples trees of new varieties that are in demand in the world
• EFFECTIVE: We effectively combine European varieties and rootstocks from Lodder Unterlagen GmbH
• AVAILABLE: Fruit growers can get the state subsidy for newly planted orchards with the apples trees of European quality here in Ukraine.
• COMPREHENSIVE: Cooperation with our partners, high skilled specialists, international expertize, land and location, premises, machinery allows us to guarantee the high quality of apple trees.
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