Granny Smith®

ORIGIN: The variety was bred in Australia in 1868.

red-aplle FRUIT

Colour: bright green .
Flavour: strongly expressed, spicy.
Shape/size: rounded-conical / middle-sized.
Skin:skin covered with pale white lentils.
Fruit flesh: crunchy and juicy.

red-list TREE

Vigour: vigorous.
Blossom: early, 3 days before Golden Delicious.
Pollination: Idared, Braeburn, Arlet, Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, Malus INRA® Perpetu® Evereste, Malus Golden Gem.


• High yield
• Medium fruiting
• Prone to biennial bearing
• Thinning is effective
• Susceptible to scab